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World Wide Web is constantly changing. We have seen many design trends come and go while some are good enough to stay. The current trend around the web is Flat design. Flat design is any design that is minimalistic and aims to provide a great UX.

Whilst Flat design existed before it did not attract many developers/designers to adopt it…until Microsoft released Windows 8. Following the release of Windows 8, the Flat trend in design has boomed. If you browse around the web, you will notice that many sites, whether small or big, have  already adapted this trend. In case you didn’t check out some example below.

Flat Design Examples


LayerVault is an excellent example of how web designers have implemented the Flat design trend to their business.


OnSite is also a very good example of a clean yet beautiful design adopting the Flat trend. Notice how clean these websites are. Everything is spaced adequately and content is placed such that the UX is maximized.


You may or may not be familiar with Foundation, but they have also adopted the Flat design across their site.

Flat Design Resources

Now you that have seen some examples, you may be wondering how you can design or implement the Flat trend in your website. It is not very complicated. You only have to search to find the UI kit or elements you need. Here is my favorite one.


Flat UI – A Free Bootstrap-Based-Eye-Catching User Interface

Flat UI is perhaps the best resource that you can find on the web. Designed by DesignModo, Flat UI is the perfect startup kit that you will need to switch to Flat UI. It comes with several components ready to be implemented into your design. The good thing about this resource is that it is already coded in HTML using the Bootstrap Framework.

View Demo Download


Now that you have inspiration, go ahead and design your site.


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