File Hosting Plugin

File Hosting Plugin uses the power of Premium URL Shortener and allows you and your users to upload files and track downloads. When enabled, it encrypts uploaded files with industry standard encryption and files can only be decrypted with the correct key phrase or password. Upload, configure settings and add feature to plans and it is live!


  • Branded Downloads Page
  • Customization (Domain, Alias, Password, Expiration...)
  • Dedicated Downloads Page
  • Dedicated Promo Page
  • Fully Multilingual
  • Industry Standard Encryption
  • Dashboard File Management
  • Admin Settings & File Management


The plugin supports file encryption. Once activate file uploads will be encrypted and only an encrypted copy of the file will be stored on the server. The file can only be decoded with:

  • a) If the user sets a password, the password will be used to encrypt the file and can only be decrypted with the same password.
  • b) If no password was used, the Encryption Key stored in config.php folder will be used to securely encrypt the file.

Install File Hosting Plugin

  1. Extract the zip file downloaded from codecanyon
  2. Go to your site Admin Plugins All Plugins
  3. Click on Upload and upload the file named
  4. Click on the three dots then Activate
  5. Go to Admin File Hosting Settings to configure it
  6. Go to Admin Memberships > Plans and add it your plan. You will be able to define the number of files, the total storage space for each user per plan and whether or not they can Brand the download page.


To update plugins, just reinstall the plugin by uploading it and it will be updated automatically. Plugin settings and your data will be safe. Sometimes you will need to update the database, in case you can check in the Admin File Hosting > Settings.