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Quick and Simple Template System in PHP

Posted by | Tutorials | No Comments

Template systems are increasingly popular among PHP developers mainly because they provide a clean way to design templates. However there is nothing better than using PHP directly in the template files. But not everyone is of this opinion. For this reason, today we will be covering a very simply PHP class that you can use to generate clean template files. Let’s start.
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Free CSS Buttons

Posted by | Freebies, Resources | No Comments

New developments in web technology have made everything easier. Just two or three years ago, web developers did not have any others options but to use images for everything. Nowadays, pure CSS can be used to achieve the same, if not better, result.So I have decided to share some CSS buttons from one my projects.

This set of CSS buttons can be downloaded for free from GitHub without any restrictions. A live demo is also available here.

Live Demo Download or Fork it from GitHub