uses Premium URL Shortener as a SaaS platform to deliver a unique experience to its users.

Start your own online SaaS just like and generate a revenue from one of the top marketing tools out there. See below to learn more about our platform!

Fast, Reliable & Easy to Setup

GemPixel's Premium URL Shortener allows you to start your business in about 5 minutes. Unpack. Run Installer. Configure. And you are ready to serve millions of people, marketers, businesses looking for reliable solution to track their campaigns.

Exclusive Features

Premium URL Shortener is packed with more awesome features than you can ask for to run your online business. The script is bundled with some of the most powerful and unique tools to help you attract customers.

Powerful CMS

It comes with a powerful CMS that allows you to run your business easily without effort.

All-in One Admin Panel

Its all-in one admin panel allows you to manage every aspect of your website.

Enhanced Protection

Each URL shortened goes under a series of very restrict protocols to make sure they are safe.

Infinite Possibilities

Customize the URL, add geo-targeting & device-targeting, add a password and choose the type of redirection.

User-friendly Dashboard

Your users can manage all of their URLs directly from a powerful and easy to use dashboard. They have access to all features from there.


You can easily localize this script for any languages using the built-in translator. It already comes with many languages.

Built-in Theme Editor

Use the built-in theme editor to modify the theme directly from your admin panel.

Advertisement Manager

Manage your ad-slots directly from the admin panel. You can add, update or remove ads in a click.


This script comes with a built-in REST API module to allow you to expand its features to your own application.

Your SaaS. In 5 minutes.

Premium URL Shortener is all ready for you to start your own online business without any coding or web development knowledge. Unpack. Upload. Install and Enjoy.






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