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Your own online shortener. For you or for your business. Retain control on your website and your data.

  • Full Software
  • Unlimited Users
  • Single Domain
  • 6 Months Support
  • Unlimited Updates

 $45 /license



SaaS version allows you to automatically charge users and generate a sustainable revenue through subscriptions.

  • Full Software
  • SaaS Version
  • Subscription Module
  • Unlimited Users
  • Single Domain
  • 6 Months Support
  • Unlimited Updates

 $225 /license



Worry-free hosting with prioritized support and exclusive updates. We take care of everything (license not included).

  • Managed Hosting
  • Free Setup
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Backups
  • Easy Scaling
  • Exclusive Updates
  • Prioritized Support

Starting at$20 /month

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the regular and extended licenses?

The extended license allows you to charge your customers for using your service while with the regular license this is not permitted. If you’re a freelancer, you can create the end product for one client to distribute free to its end users. You can charge your client to produce the single end product. For more information, please check out this page.

What is the hosted plan?

The hosted plan is a worry-free hosting plan that we optimize for our script. We will manage everything for you. From setup to maintenance. We will also update your installation before anyone else so you will always have the latest updates, all the time. As your website grows, we will scale your instance for you so you will not experience any downtime. Please note that a valid license will need to be purchased separately as the hosted plan does not include any licenses.

Do you provide installation service?

We certainly do. Following purchase, you can contact us and we will install the product for you. The price of the installation will depend on the server type. If you are using cPanel, the installation is free of charge however if you are using a VPS, the cost will depend on what is needed (ranges from $60-120). You can contact us for more info.

What are the server requirements?

Premium URL Shortener is designed to work on 99% shared hosting. However, there might be some cases where some modules are not available on some servers so here is an overview of important requirements. For more information about the hosts, please check out our hosting page.

  • PHP 7.4 or newer
  • PDO-MySQL module
  • cURL module
  • Mod Rewrite module