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How to fix platform not sending email issue

If your platform (premium url shortener or premium media script) do not send any emails then it is most likely your server cannot send emails. You can try the following solutions to fix the issue.

1.0 Add SMTP Information

Add SMTP information in the admin panel > settings > SMTP or Extra Settings. Make sure you have the correct username, password and port number otherwise it will not fix the issue.

2.0 Change Default Email

If adding your SMTP info does not fix the issue, you need to change your default email address as some hosts do not allow you to send email from or They require you to send an email from In this case go to admin > settings > general settings and change your email.

3.0 Make sure SMTP port is not blocked

Sometimes, especially with managed VPS, SMTP ports might be blocked by default. This will prevent the product to connect the SMTP port hence preventing it to send an email. If the other solutions do not fix the issue, you need to check if the port used is not blocked by your firewall.

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