5 Best Ways to Connect With a Venture Capitalist

5 Best Ways to Connect With a Venture Capitalist

Contrary to what you may believe, getting a meeting with a venture capitalist is pretty straightforward. While getting a meeting can be simple, several other entrepreneurs may also be seeking funds from the same VC you may have eyes on.

It would help make an impression to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, it’s important that you have the perfect pitch and present a professional image. Here we look at the best ways to get your foot in the door with a venture capitalist.

1. Use LinkedIn to find a VC

LinkedIn is a popular platform where you can find several business-minded people. As such, almost every venture capitalist has a profile on LinkedIn. If you want to get a meeting with a venture capitalist, one of the best places to look is LinkedIn.

Sometimes, randomly messaging venture capitalists on LinkedIn may end up going nowhere. A lot of venture capitalists don't welcome pitching via LinkedIn. So you can use LinkedIn, but simply to follow and connect with a VC.

If you have a trusted connection on LinkedIn, that's even better as you’ll have a much higher chance of getting a meeting. If your network on LinkedIn is small, you can look at your college alumni groups or past employers to expand your network.

2. A warm introduction from another VC

Another way you can get a meeting with a venture capitalist is through another VC. If you can impress a venture capitalist with your perfect pitch, there is a very high likelihood they will introduce you to their friends or acquaintances.

Venture capitalists spend a lot of time speaking with others in the same role about trends, deals, and so on. Having one introduce you to another venture capitalist is very common, or you could request they introduce you to their colleagues and give them your business card to make it easier to contact you.

3.   Meeting at an event

Venture capitalists are also fond of attending events. If you want to have a meeting with one, the best place is at an event they’re likely to be at. Whenever you meet one, ensure you give your business card because even with a perfect pitch, you don’t want them to forget your details.

Many venture capitalists enjoy being helpful, networking, and meeting to learn about new companies. Make sure you get their attention in the right way which can involve having an elevator pitch to spark their interest without boring them.

4. Cold email

One of the unfortunate necessities of the world we live in is cold emails. While you might not like receiving them yourself, they work. If you decide to reach out to them via email, create a sense of urgency. Your chance of getting a meeting with them is greatly enhanced if the person you are dealing with has a fear of missing out.

Many successful investments came from emails, social media, demo days, and other atypical sources. Everyone has an email address and if you have one from several VC’s, there is nothing to lose by dropping them an email.

5. Using a banker

Lastly, you can also use a banker to meet with a venture capitalist. People in senior financial roles often have wide networks which may well include a VC.

If you know a banker then reach out to them to see if they know anyone who could help you. In this case, it’s a much warmer introduction which increases the likelihood of success. It’s always worth asking around your influential friends and acquaintances to see if they have any contacts which could help you out.