5 Smart Software Options for Small Businesses

5 Smart Software Options for Small Businesses

Small business owners have to wear many different hats - and juggling everything from operations management to ordering inventory to marketing can feel impossible. To tackle projects like building a website and improving your SEO strategy, you can use platforms like GemPixel. Here are a few suggestions for additional helpful programs, from customer data platforms to LLC formation services.

Customer Data Platform Solution

As a business owner, you need extensive data on your customer base in order to grow your company and invest in the right initiatives and product launches. By leveraging CDP - customer data platform solutions, you can gain a big-picture perspective on your customers’ demographics, their specific needs and pain points, and new methods for targeting your audience with personalized marketing. As you check out the features of different CDP options, look for a platform that will provide you with accurate customer profiles in real-time, allowing you to develop customized, timely experiences.

LLC Formation Support

You’re probably used to working long hours to manage your business, and while you’re dedicated to entrepreneurship, you wouldn’t mind having a little more free time, either. To open up your schedule and enjoy extra downtime, try eliminating redundant meetings, setting up a website blocker for your personal social media accounts during business hours, or hiring a part-time assistant.

You can also outsource laborious tasks like business formation. You might be interested in registering your company as an LLC, which requires minimal paperwork and gives you tax benefits. But if you’ve held off on forming an LLC because you haven’t had time, you can turn to an online formation service rather than hiring a lawyer.

Contract Management System

If you’re trying to manage contracts with employees, freelancers, clients, vendors, or suppliers, you need contract management software. To find the right system, Contract Logix recommends assessing your required storage size, processing power, and preferred operating system. Ensure that the company provides strong customer support and training. If you don’t have much wiggle room in your business budget, you can look into free or low-cost versions of contract management software. In the future, you could pay for a subscription to a contract management platform with more features.

Inventory Management Software

Do you have to manage physical inventory to design and ship your products? If you aren’t already using inventory management software, it’s time to start your search! Ideally, you’ll want to look for software that is specific to your industry - an apparel business, a food and beverage company, and an office supply store will all have different inventory needs. Furthermore, Hackread recommends choosing mobile inventory software so that you can access the program anywhere from your smartphone.

Demand Planning Program

Have you ever been caught off by a slow season or a busy period since you began running your business? If you don’t allocate your resources properly, shifts in demand can hinder your growth or efficiency. 

Trying to predict future demand on your own is a risky guessing game. That’s where a demand planning program comes in. With demand planning software, you can analyze sales data to determine your customers’ needs and prepare accordingly. Some inventory management programs offer similar features, or you could consider integrating your inventory management and demand planning software. 

When you’re overseeing a small business, you can use software to speed up key processes and workflows. Trying to handle certain tasks manually will cost you too much time. By utilizing programs like a customer data platform, an LLC formation service, or inventory management software, you can drive exciting business growth.

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