How to start your own URL shortening service

How to start your own URL shortening service

URL shorteners are gaining more and more attention form internet users because of the way they make their life easy: Even big companies such Facebook and Twitter have their own shortener. Most people want to run their shortener but they don't know where to start. That is why we have created the best URL shortener available, Premium URL Shortener.

Premium URL Shortener offers tons of unique features that are not available anywhere else. For this reason, it has become one of the best URL shortener scripts available. We have worked very hard to make this best and we will continue to add features. So now you may ask how to start my own service? Well that is easy to answer. Simply follow the following steps and you will be ready to launch.

  1. Buy yourself a cool and short domain name (We recommend GoDaddy: use WOW0DOMAIN for a 35% discount)
  2. Get yourself a hosting service (We recommend HostGator: use PremiumURLShortener for a 25% discount)
  3. Grab a copy of Premium URL Shortener for only $22
  4. Upload the script to your server
  5. Run the installer and configure your site

How to monetize my URL Shortener

Now that your URL shortener is public, you may ask yourself "how do I make money with?". Well there are many ways you earn a revenue with Premium URL ShortenerPremium URL Shortener 3.0 was released a couple of days ago with brand new features and improvements. These new features are designed to provide to owners a way of earning money while providing a free yet premium service. In this tutorial, I will be giving some tips on you can earn money using the new features.

1.0 Advertisement Removal

Advertisement is a necessity in the survival of most, if not all, websites/services. It is the most popular method to earn money from a website...however not everyone likes advertisement. A new feature was added to the script to allow registered users to completely remove advertisement for a small fee while they are logged in. The feature is automatic and takes about 1 minute to complete the process.

2.0 Custom Splash Page

Another awesome feature that was implemented to version 3.0 is the custom splash page. This feature allows a registered user to create a custom splash page with the ability to upload a banner, an avatar, a custom title, a custom message and a link to the product or service.  These splash pages are also automatic. If the owner decides to monetize this feature, the user will be required to unlock it for a fee. Upon payment, the registered user will be able to instantaneously create a custom splash. All URLs this user will shorten will go through this page hence making it a great way to advertise a product.

3.0 Media Page

This features automatically creates a dedicated media page for all media URLs such as a link to a YouTube video for example or a Vine. This feature can also be monetized by placing advertisement at important location.

Are you ready to start your own business?

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