Take Your Business to the Next Level with These Five Free Marketing Resources

Take Your Business to the Next Level with These Five Free Marketing Resources

Whether you are just launching your business or have been up and running for a while you’re always looking for growth. There are different types to grow your business but marketing is certainly one of the most efficient ways. Many entrepreneurs equate marketing efforts with costly advertising campaigns but that doesn’t even scratch the surface of available options. This article will highlight five free marketing resources you could leverage to help grow your business. 

Business Cards

In 2020 business cards are still a very effective promotional tool. When everybody else at the tradeshow exchanges Linkedin details you can stand out with a beautifully designed business card. Along with a proper handshake a business card allows you to make a lasting impression. Use a free marketing solution like Business Cards to design your next set of cards. Don't worry if you don’t have a design background, this web app is super easy to use. Select an industry and then choose a template you like. Once the template loads onto the canvas you can then make customizations instantly. Change the background color, upload your logo, enter your personal details, add images, change fonts, and much more. Once you’re happy with your design click download to access your printable business cards. 


Well thought-out branding and graphic design can certainly help you accelerate your business growth. A free graphic design tool like Crello allows you to come up with beautiful designs. Most entrepreneurs don’t have a design background or access to expensive software like Illustrator and Photoshop. With Crello you won’t need to. It’s a free, web-based graphic design solution that allows you to design anything from pitch decks to flyers and brochures. Figure out your branding strategy and messaging and then design all of your brand assets. You and your sales team will quickly notice a difference in engagement when your leads are presented with beautifully designed marketing material.

Google Analytics

Although this might be obvious to most web entrepreneurs it’s worth including in this list. Unfortunately there are still many small business owners who simply launch their website without any true data insights into their traffic or lack there off. Google Analytics is quick to install, simply drop a code snippet and you can track where your website visitors come from, how they engage with your content, etc. The saying ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’ holds a lot of truth, especially when it comes to web promotions. Before you spend a dollar on advertising make sure you have Analytics in place so you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns. 


It’s no secret that using social media to promote your business can be very effective. However, creating new content, publishing it, replying to comments, etc. is time consuming, especially when you have to do it across several different social media platforms. There’s a better way. With a free tool like Later you can plan, analyze and schedule all of your posts across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Faceboook and Pintrest. Once you decide which platform(s) you want to use to communicate with customers and potential leads come up with a content strategy and publishing dates. From there it’s super easy to set it all up through Later. Automatic publishing will free up your hands so you can focus on other aspects of your business. 


So much effort is placed on getting visitors to your website. However, many entrepreneurs don’t realize how visitors bounce instantly or without ever visiting their money pages. A free tool like Tidio lets you engage with your visitors via chat function as soon as they enter your site. This form of customer engagement can have an immediate impact on your conversation rates and bottom line. Similar to Google Analytics, to get started you simply add a code snippet. You’ll then have Admin options to set your settings in how and when you want the chat box to appear. You can attend to it yourself, outsource it or leave it on away status and gather user questions and emails for later reply. 

A Few Concluding Thoughts

Taking your business to the next level is no easy feat. Whether you have plateaued or are just starting out allocating time and resources to marketing is a worthwhile effort. Luckily with the five tools listed here it won’t take away from your marketing budget. Try these free marketing resources and see if they are helpful for your business. Maybe you’ll like one or two or all of them. In addition to the tools listed here there are lots of other options available to elevate your marketing. Whatever your marketing or promotional needs a quick Google search can return additional free resources.