Tech Skills To Increase Your Job Opportunities And Get Hired During Covid-19

Tech Skills To Increase Your Job Opportunities And Get Hired During Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the world economy hard. Many organizations around the globe have had to reduce costs as they weren’t able to operate due to the lockdown. However, as they need to move forward, they have started to lean on tech talent.

Many people have lost their jobs, and because of the digitalization process, their skills have become obsolete. Following the coronavirus outbreak, having remote work skills has become vital to get hired. But, as the competition becomes tougher, getting a new job is more challenging every day.

If you're currently unemployed and looking to attract employers' attention, you'll probably need to learn new skills. In this article, we're going to talk about some tech skills that employers are looking for in their new hirings. They will help you not only to increase your opportunities but also to survive the unemployment crisis.

Machine Learning

Nowadays, organizations are implementing machine learning algorithms in their products to meet customers' demands. This is because machine learning allows systems to learn from user input. In other words, systems can improve their performance by analyzing each input they receive.

Many world-class companies use machine learning to improve their products and services. For that reason, learning machine learning skills has become indispensable to attract the attention of employers.

In the healthcare industry, machine learning is used to help doctors in the pre-visit process. As systems gather information from patients, they can help doctors give better diagnoses. In the automotive industry, it's allowing cars and trucks to become self-driven. Since Tesla is using machine learning to build its cars, customers have better driving experiences.

It's no surprise that machine learning has been implemented in the manufacturing sector. But what about the home improvement sector? As days pass, companies like Samsung design more immersive products that can learn from experience. 

For example, Samsung's home products can establish a connection with each other to create a complete in-home digital environment. Their digital assistant, Bixby, can not only control your entire house but also make suggestions based on previous search content.

If you're looking to become relevant and get hired during the pandemic, you should enroll in Thinkful's online coding bootcamp. The company offers several programs in the field of data science.

Their data science online courses will allow you to learn machine learning skills as well as other in-demand skills to stand out from the competition.

Amazon Web Services

The days of using physical databases to store data are gone thanks to cloud computing. Organizations have started to use cloud computing services as it provides them with accessibility and security.

With more companies using cloud services, the need for employees with cloud computing skills is increasing. Amazon is the leading company on cloud services these days. Given that, learning AWS skills will help you to land a new position during the pandemic.

Many tech professionals, like data scientists and Cybersecurity Experts, are learning AWS skills to stay relevant. AWS allows them not only to keep information safe but also to analyze data more efficiently. For example, Amazon includes machine learning features for AWS that data scientists can use to create better insights.

Coding Dojo is the best place to learn AWS skills. The company offers an online course that will help you become proficient in only 16 weeks. As the program is available part-time, you'll only need to spend 20 hours per week to learn. During the course, you'll learn other skills like CSS, HTML, and Python that could help you to meet employers' requirements.


Data is indeed becoming valuable, but it won't be helpful if it's not well organized. As companies now need larger databases to store information, learning SQL skills can help you to land a new job. SQL is quite useful for full stack developers as it can help them to build server-side apps. 

Also, as IoT is gaining more ground, combining databases from multiple sources has become necessary. SQL is the right tool to do it as it makes it very easy to combine databases from different sources.

So, if you've already made your choice and you want to become an attractive candidate, you can learn SQL at Kenzie Academy. The company offers an online course that will allow you to become a skilled coder in 12 months. During the course, you'll learn core computer science concepts and in-demand programming skills. As you'll learn from the best, after graduation, you'll have the right knowledge to impress any employer. 

Digital Marketing

During the coronavirus lockdown, digital marketers played an important role. They help organizations to increase their profits by increasing online sales. As the demand for workers with digital marketing skills has increased, becoming a digital marketer can be a good choice to get hired.

Digital marketers use websites and social networks to implement new marketing strategies. They can increase sales as well as retain customers by providing excellent services. They often analyze gathered information to help organizations meet customers' demands.

Digital marketers also help organizations to reach bigger audiences so they can increase their brand recognition. If you like to be in the sales department, you can become a digital marketer to catch the attention of employers.

Thinkful also offers courses that allow you to become a digital marketer in only three months. Their digital marketing flex course will help you to learn everything about branding and social media. During the program, you'll receive help from a career coach, a personal mentor, and an academic success manager.


Generally speaking, learning these skills will help you to become a relevant candidate that stays ahead of the competition. Every company will want you in their team as you will be the perfect choice to help them remain competitive. Remember that today's companies are looking for skilled candidates that can help them reshape the market.